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IRM and Barclaycard to co-host payment security briefing

Information Risk Management (IRM) is delighted to announce that we are co-hosting a payment security briefing with Barclaycard on Tuesday 16th June 2015 at the Royal College of Surgeons, London WC2A 3PE.

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Compliance and Risk: Breaking Down The Boundaries

IRM is delighted to announce that our CIO, Conor McGoveran, will be presenting alongside the Post Office’s Senior Information Security Risk Manager, Claire Davies, MBE, at the E-Crime Congress on 10th -11th March.

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Phishing Email

Can you spot a Phish? Preparing the bait: How To Construct An Effective Phishing Email

Phishing is a technique by which potentially sensitive information is captured through masquerading as a trusted source. Typically, a phishing campaign will be conducted through email, where an attacker will construct a message so as to try and trick the recipient into believing that the email sender and contents are genuine. In doing so, the recipient will be enticed into clicking a link where credentials or other potentially sensitive information will be captured.

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