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Cyber Security Challenges

Human Behaviour

Amateurs attack technology. Professional hackers target people.

Regulatory Requirements

Ensure security standards drive the most business benefit.


It takes years to build a reputation… and a matter of seconds to destroy it.

Business Resilience

The ability to change effectively and operate efficiently.

New Technology

Don’t let your IT initiatives fail. Reveal and profit from the value of IT.

IT Infrastructure

Increase efficiency and prepare for long term competitiveness.

Supply Chain

A healthy relationship requires hard work and commitment.

Incident Response

Expert cyber incident identification, containment and recovery.



Article ten new press release

Security Awareness Partnership with Article 10

Information Risk Management Plc (IRM) is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Article 10, a highly respected marketing communications agency that specialises in security awareness and education campaigns.

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Cliche (2)

Shell-shocked Vulnerability: Who is affected and what they should do

A vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271) has been identified which enables remote access to be granted to any device which uses a bash shell. Many will assume that this vulnerability will only affect local device interaction on a system. However, bash is used across widespread applications, including Apache, and all devices which run a Linux kernel, and as such, is highly likely to impact a significant portion of the corporate environment.

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In the blog

operationsinfrastructure resized

Opportunity Cyber: Operations and Infrastructure

IRM’s legal sector cyber security research report, Opportunity Cyber, revealed that together with Regulatory Compliance, Operations and Infrastructure is where the legal sector appears to be most mature with regards to Information Security.

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